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hey dave,

just wanted to drop you a line to says thank you so much for the
lesson you gave me and my mates back in April. we got hooked big time,
and bought boards when we arrived in Australia, then changed our trip
so we could surf all the way up the coast! Just arrived back in the
UK, and have paid a fortune to have the boards shipped back – cant
wait til they arrive! I get the feeling that nothing’s going to be
quite the same now that i’ve discovered surfing!


thanks again, and hi to dom and ellie if you see them!

all the best,

Hey, Dave!

A little over a year ago, on our first full day in New Zealand, you taught
my new husband and I to surf. I’m just daydreaming about it, since it’s
sleeting here and I’ve been anxious to say “farewell” to winter, as you
start to feel its chill.

Though we’ve at least gotten our canoe out on the river, we are yearning for
the ocean! I remember how outraged you were to hear that you have to pay a
toll to bask on our beaches.  Several, if you count the roads and bridges
that you take from Philadelphia to the New Jersey shore, then the beach tags
that you have to purchase on the boardwalk.

I am so in love with our pictures of NZ.  We took 1200 in our 14 days there!
Tim, hubby, has the one of me actually UP, surfing as the wallpaper on his
computer. Man, I wish I would have gotten a good one of him.  By the time I
got the camera he was beat.

So, this is LONG overdue, but I really thought you ought to know what a
great, memorable, “not many people have days like that” day you gave us. And
it was surreal to step inside your van and hear Jack Johnson.  It was like
my favorite part of home met us there. (Not that I’m from Hawaii, but we’ve
seen Jack all over the states).

Anyway, if we ever get back there you’re the first person we’re looking up.

Thank you! I get it now!

Karen Huller
Résumé and Job Transition Strategist

Greetings from Ireland,
> I am home a few days and the jet lag is really kicking in.
> Thanks a million for the great surf experience it is one I will NEVER
> forget especially The afternoon in Meatworks !!!!
> I am planning my Xmas surf trip to the north of Ireland at the moment …I
> am afraid but I have the bug really BAD.
> I attached a picture of my monkey who will surf some day.
> Thanks a million again Dave for a great time and look after the family.
> If you ever get up to this part of the world look me up.
> Ken Higgins


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